I was very, very disappointed when I noticed a tweet about Jourdan Dunn, giving us bad news. This amazingly beautiful, british supermodel got kicked off off the Dior’s show. The reason is simply UNBELIEVABLE, as they said Jourdan’s brests are too big. I was frustrated. The fashion world really forgot what the “sexy” word means.

I’m really proud of Jourdan, as she turned the whole situation to a joke. After she found out about being fired she tweeted: “Ahahahahaha, I just got cancelled from Dior because of my boobs! I ❤ fashion #couture”. Then she said she usually gets cancelled because of the color of her skin, which is another nonsense to me. I think black-skinned models rock. They’re so pretty, but not in the classic way, there’s something unusal, something wild about them. And that’s why I love them so much. They are in the fashion world, not paying attention to those who try to judge them, just charming those, who give them a chance. Honestly? I’d love to be black-skinned. I don’t think I can get that natural wildness being a simple, white person.

What’s your opinion? Is Dior crazy letting this beautiful girl go?

2013.2-Jourdan-Dunn-in-Saint-Laurent-3 jourdan-dunn-by-quentin-de-briey-for-vogue-sp-L-z0vhGp


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