One very smart person, who knows a lot more about blogging that I do (Hi, VROOBELEK) told me once that her secret lies in pointing things out in order to make it more clear for readers. First, I told her that she shouldn’t expect that from me, since what would I be supposed to do? 5 things about Plato’s theory of ideas that makes it really difficult to understand? She laughed and said that would be cool to read. I’ve thought that through and here I am writing this summary. Am I a good blogger now?

People tend to say things like: “I don’t need to study that”; “When will I even use it in real life”; “I’d rather go party than write this essay now, it’s so useless”. Hearing that hurts my ears. You out there – read that and find out why you don’t need but CAN study that, you FIGURE OUT how to use it in real life and that partying is not the only thing worth it in this world.

1. Young people say they live in the 21st century, where the Internet gives them all the knowledge they need. But do they know that knowledge is power? 

You might be the most modern and technolo-gised person in this world, but a computer can’t ever replace human common sense. Computer is a masterpiece of human common sense. People built it with the knowledge they gained not the knowledge they googled. If you have a purpose in life, and knowledge of how to do it – you have everything it takes to become successful. The things you memorized, the wisdom you collected through your life is what makes you a valuable human being.

Bacon knew knowledge is power by the end of 16th century. If you, modern human of 21st century do not know that, what does it say about you?

2. We all like lecturing people, it gives us self-satisfaction. Knowledge is what gives you the base to be able to teach.

We all are teachers in some way. We inform others, we tell them the news we’ve heard, we tell them things we know and they don’t. To do that, you have to know SOMETHING first. To know something you have to LEARN that.

The more people we can lecture, the more important we feel and are. Studying, as in gaining knowledge is the tool for that. Another proof that knowledge really is power.

We like it when people listen to us, don’t we? Remember, that it’s not only frutiful for you, but also and especially for others. You give them the facts they can later spread. You give them the wisdom they can keep and make use of. Lucky them.

People in Ancient Greece found studying cool. The greatest men of Athens conflicted about the right to learn and teach. Aristotle ALSO went to school. I don’t think he’s ever complained.

3. We live in the information society. Information is power. Information = knowledge. Knowledge is power.

The greatest sociologist of our times call the society we live in “information society”. The names of generations and societies base on what’s the most important thing on the market in particular times. That means, information is what we can trade now. But to trade it you need to have it first.

4. People like pointing out what they’d do if they were Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs. Those very talented men, succeeded because they had knowledge the majority of us don’t. 

Want to find out how is it like to be special like geniuses? Gain some extra knowledge, read stuff, browse stuff, think of stuff. Pay attention in class for once. Go to a test and ace it using things you learnt. Help out those who didn’t do all those things. They’ll consider you a smart being and admire you. Here you are. Next step on the road is: success.

Socrates said that evil is the lack of knowledge, while knowledge is virtue. People who fail at doing things right did so because they didn’t know enough. I’m sure you don’t want to be one of them.

5. You like repeating that you’re intelligent but not smart? Why not be both? Like, a combo. Intelligent are attractive, smart are admired.

If you are intelligent, congratulations, it means you have some extra possibilites. Intelligent people see opportunities and what they have to learn to get what they want. That sounds cool, doesn’t it?

See school as an opportunity to achieve basic things like: good job or dream-university. See extra, individual learning as an opportunity to be the best in your job and dream-university.

Vroobelek wouldn’t push me into writing this had she not read an extra book about blogging. Vroobelek wouldn’t be a blogger had she not caught passion for writing in literature class.

If you let youself be influenced – you’ll influence others some day. 


4 thoughts on “Knowledge is power – 5 things that make studying worth it

  1. Wonderful post and great description of how studying is essential and how it can be directed to get what you want in life.

    I am not on fb so I will follow you here.
    Good day.

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