I believe each one of us knows by now, that every human being is equally gifted with common sense as well as a/or a few Freud genes, and only humans themselves can decide what they are going to do about it. The most basic and short explanation of two ways they can take is: a) using their common sense and making the best out of their Freud genes; b) leaving them be.

Straight to the point and the main thought of today’s relatively short post – it’s what we HAVE that makes us equal, but what we do with it might cause inequalities.

“Does anyone even remember that Beyonce is black?”

I can’t remember where I heard/read this sentence but it absolutelu knock me out of my feet as I thought of it yesterday. As I was playing “Flawless” for the xth time, I realised that Beyonce is not just an artist – she’s a character herself. And yes, indeed I did not remember that Beyonce is black at that moment. But not because of her make-up, outfit or anything, but because it doesn’t matter at all. I’d be as much of a fan of Queen Bey had she been ethnically Asian, white or any other ethnicity that we can watch occur on our beautiful Planet Earth. Why is that?

Beyonce is Beyonce Knowles Carter. She can’t be defined. She, as a human, made the best out of what she had – her beautiful mind, her Freud genes and the right people around her. She isn’t successful because she’s black, born in Houston or married to Jay-Z. She’s successful because she worked hard to become what she’s become. I like to think this is the reason the question asking if anyone remembers that Beyonce is black. Had there been an ethnic origin called “SLAY”, I’m pretty sure that’s where Bey would come from. Bow down, bitches.

“We are not all idols”

As I got lost in the never-ending space of Youtube, a video popped up in my recommendations in which Koreans described how they feel about their pop-culture going popular globally. Most of them said it’s a good thing, since South Korea is a small country and it feels nice to be known  of something positive, and we all know k-pop is something that outbursts with positivity.

One of the people interviewed by the vlogger said the following thing: “We are not all idols”. For a moment I thought it was a funny thing to say, but then I gave it a thought. Hey, is there anyone in this world who thinks that every Korean person is a k-pop idol? In this short sentence, the young man, mentioned two ways of generalisation.

The first of them is people who are not ethnically Korean or have never been to Korea, but do stay tuned with their pop culture. Generalising those people it would be something in the direction of: we’re attracted to your nation because you have some pretty and cute idols there and I truly believe South Korea is a land of multi-talented artists with great physical features. Could that be an actual thing? Absolutely not. Perhaps there are a few people who have this illusion, but… still.

The other step of generalisation goes the other way around. Generalising every Korean person as a multi-talented artist. Positive but absolutely not true again. The whole nation making use of the same Freud genes would be a really sad nation.

So, if those two examples of generalisation are stupid… why do we generalise in the first place? Why do we judge people basing on what they have: ethnicity, physical features, stuff, and not with what they do?


Next to plurality (and coffee) my favourite thing in the world. Being an individual – do NOT confuse with being alone or lonely, to me, means creating a clear image of all of your features, which does not belong in any subculture, or any social group, but is an actual you. Actual, genuine you. Doesn’t this sound nice? Perceiving every person as an individual is the key to getting rid of generalisation, discrimination and so on.

With this short epilogue, I encourage you to see yourself for what you are now and realise, feel that you are an individual. Then go out on the street, look at people, and see how different, varied and beautiful they are. The moment of now won’t happen ever again in your life. Make use of it.

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5 thoughts on “The individuality

  1. Mr Midnight, from the blog entitled “Gilmours Nice Place” says that purrrhaps humans could take a little more time to observe cats more often because cats are all individuals. He adds that individuality is important for every living being and often wonders why humans love “all doing the same thing”. Sir Winston told him that humans love copying one another because purrrhaps humans are unsure of who they really are deep within. I believe the TRUE SELF is what counts and becuase thank god, we are all diferrent, we do not all wish to be idols in life. Everybody has their “special gift”in life if only they could find it. We believe that we all start off with the same qualities in life but as you so finely put it, it is what we do with those qualities in life which later makes us turn out who we are. Self responsibility is a starting point. Best of greetings from the three of us here in the Black Forest. 🙂

    • Indeed I agree, that cats can be a purrrfect example of individuality, it is noticable in their varied behaviours, habits and personalities as well – how they act towards people etc. It is even safe to say it might be easier to notice individuality among cats – they don’t feel the need to hide their true selves like humans tend to do.
      It is a great thought of Sir Winston’s that copying one another is like looking for something that actually reflects and suits you.
      Thank you for your comment, it is just the way I like it – long, discussion-provoking, and thoughtful.
      Kindest regards for all three of you!

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