Creativity, a.k.a your favourite abstract thing ever to put in your resume. Your favourite quality to point out when you’re asked what’s the particular profession about. Your favourite remark on an artist’s character. Your favourite thing to point out when speaking of someone’s writing style. But have you ever tried to widen this outlook a little? Had you done that – may I mark how out of a sudden you start to appreciate what you’re given? Had you not – I’m glad you’re here to listen. My creativity allows you to. So, as you may have noticed by the title, as well as this short preface, this post is going to be about creativity: first, about how I view it, then about multiple different aspects of life I noticed my creativity to appear in.

How creative am I to come up with my own definition of creativity?

I like to think of creativity as a technical side of imagination. Imagination, this beautiful phenomenon, allows you to think of different ideas, no matter if it is regarding a book interpretation or dreaming about who you’re going to be in the future. Creativity, in my opinion is what makes you put these ideas into practice. Imagination is general, abstract; creativity is a bit more concrete and a lot more practical.

Example: My imagination told me I could be an academic lawyer. The vision became stronger with years, I figured out what school I have to attend, what subjects I have to take, what factors I have to develop in myself, to make the dream happen. The first part – an idea of becoming an academic lawyer is, in my viewpoint, a matter of imagination; then the concrete actions I figured out I must complete to make the dreams come true – come out straight of creativity.

That’s why the more creativity you use to plan your future, the better it might actually work out. Following the path that’s obvious, and most certain for everyone to go for, might be less effective than the innovative idea your own, original, unique mind can come up with. We, humans, are pretty egoistic, therefore you can be sure – you’ll be a lot more dedicated to the path you work out by yourself, than someone else’s. You’ll urge to succeed.  It’s like homework – you might copy someone else’s and get a mediocre grade with no knowledge nor satisfaction gained, or you can do it better yourself, learn and satisfy your ego.

What your creativity gives you, is yours

You all know I’m a fan of the view, that humans are individuals. Each and one of us is different, there are of course, similarities in preferences, personalities, etc., but in the end we all vary. That’d be the first of all. Second of all, I like to think of a human in the aspect of its mind – a body is just a pretty addition. It’s all in our heads, right? So, connecting these two – each of us is creative in their own way. What solutions we come up with thanks to our creativity might vary, but them all deserve pure appreciation. I’m not saying there are no solutions that might be JUST BAD, I’m saying THE IDEA of figuring out many different solutions is what deserves gratitude. Careful, that’s not what they teach at school. To summarize, since we are individual minds, each one of us can figure out a separate, innovative solution to the same problem, if we try hard enough. But we don’t, do we?

Nihil novi sub sole?

Hell no, because we’re lazy. Taking the easiest way – example, may I clarify. You go to Literature class, you read a poem you’re supposed to interpret. You write down one or a few ideas that popped up in your head as you read through it. The teacher asks you to share your idea, it turns out some famous author also saw it this way. What both the teacher and you react like is: Oh, that means I think well, my intuition works just fine. What I’d like you to think like is: Alright it means, that I discovered a similar solution to another human, which is absolutely normal. But if I read the poem one, two or ten times more, I might come up with something actually creative. If the author was the first to come up with this interpretation, I can be the first to come up with some other one.

What I want to say is, to make 100% use of your creativity, you need to try. Give it time. Think. Think and analyse to the point where it turns out, that everything is new under the Sun. Including your perception of Sun itself.


Not about his philosophy, but rather about his attitude to art, to his creations. As Friedrich decided to become a philosopher and a writer, he knew he had to come up with his own writing style. What’s now called the “philosophy of aphorisms” or “philosophy of impression”, despite these words being known for quite some time, became Nietzsche’s innovation. His imagination sold him the vision of being a unique writer. His creativity allowed him to write the way we know it. Nietzsche, as a writer, is also the one to inspire creativity in his readers. In his writing, he doesn’t state anything very clearly, he expects you to tell your own story, own theory to his idea. Writer goals?

Okay, I have creativity. Do I have to become an artist-artist?

Artist-artist is my way of calling a person working in the field commonly perceived to be art. You know what I mean: painting, drawing, writing poetry, making music etc. I call it this way, since as you probably realize – I call “an artist” anyone who’s being innovative and dedicated to his work, no matter the field of activity.

Answering the question in the sub-title – No. You can use creativity anywhere you want, or even more precisely – you’re using it all the time.

  • The way you look – most of us like to look good, if we care enough. We come up with new hairstyles, new outfits etc. That’s where we use our creativity. The general idea, coming from imagination is: “looking good”, and creativity, basing on our preferences (it’s all in our head, trust me) finds hypothetical solutions, we then choose and put into practice. No matter if you choose to dye your hair, purchase a new skirt or change your general image – you need to make use of your creativity to do so. And even if your final goal is supposed to be opposite to the one I gave an example of – you want to look bad, you still need to be creative. Really.
  • Your relationships. No need to differentiate between the romantic, non-romantic, family etc, you need creativity to develop each of those. No matter if you come up with a way to attract someone’s attention, spend some good time with your friend or an idea for a gift for you mom, it all requires the use of creativity. The general idea, in these situations, would be: to build a healthy relationship, and the things you come up with to do, are the outcomes of the work of your creativity.
  • The books you read and the music you listen to. That’s the Creativity Inception. You use your own creativity to choose from the outcomes of someone else’s creativity and please yourself. How you interpret the books you read, the way you feel into them, even shaping your preferences – is possible thanks to creativity. Same with music. The more creatively you look at it, the deeper you dig into many different genres, artists etc. To be honest, I think of people who listen to varied genres, that they are the most creative. Just saying. So, to continue the algorithm I started with the first point: The general idea here is achieving some kind of aesthetic feeling and the things you choose to try out, are chosen thanks to your creativity.

Read it creatively

Since, as I like to point out each time – the posts I write are nothing more than my own thoughts, my own ideas, coming from my own experiences, I don’t expect it to be relevant, relatable or rele-anything to everyone. So, the general idea of this post is to creatively think of creativity. And that’s what I encourage you to do. Complete it in your own head. Make it new each time you read it.






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