If I were to name a film that makes me want to become a better person and make the best out of my intellectual potential, without a doubt, I would say it’s Big Hero 6. Yes, I do mean the animated movie in which a group of friends together with a robot called Baymax save the day and the entirety of their hometown. Yes, it does tell a story of a group of nerds, and yes I am a 100% Honey Lemon.

This time, I watched Big Hero 6, just to take a break off studying for finals, and never would I expect it to inspire me that much. Not even the first 30 minutes of the film have passed and I was screaming to myself how much I love animated movies for having absolutely no limitations towards what’s going on there. I realised, the moment I saw Hiro present his microrobots project, that animated movies teach us how a human mind has absolutely no boundaries. The masterpiece Hiro created using his brain cells was amazing for me to look at, no matter the fact that it’s a cartoon and I’m nearly 20.

To the point, today’s post will be about how we should all make our lives as if we lived in an animated movie. Today’s post will tell you just how easily you can drop every hesitation and every obstacle if you only realise the moment is now and just like your mind can project problems, it can project solutions. Today’s post will make me your superhero, and make you the superhero of your own life. So, quoting Tadashi Hamada: “Let’s think outside the box.”


For the sake of this paragraph, please try to recall one of the weirdest dreams you’ve ever had. One of mine, for example, is that I time-travelled to Ancient Rome and just walked around there in a white toga, like a true Roman lady. Impossible – you say. Well, materially, probably but it happened intelectually. Dreams, are nothing less and nothing more than a projection our subconciousness shows us while we’re waiting for some other brain parts to work through all the information we’ve bombed it with in the daytime. It’s like when you close your eyes, you enter a cinema or a theatre and a show of your most hidden thoughts comes on. Dreams have always been such a secret to people, that we still tend to consider it to come from the outside somehow, while “it’s all inside our heads.” I put in a metaphor of a film to paint a picture, but a difference between an actual film and our dreams is that we’re the screenplay writer, the director, the staff – basically the one and only creator of it. Have you ever waited until the end of a film to read how many people were needed to create it? And yet, you create such a thing within a short night’s sleep all by yourself. You’re a mine full of ideas, you just reject to acknowledge it. Take a step back, close your eyes and try to imagine an item, anything. It doesn’t exist here materially, but it does intelectually, thanks to your magnificent mind and its abstract thinking. “Oh shit, whaddup, I can do that???”

The idea is born

When I was a few years younger than now, I did a funny thing I didn’t realize I was doing until a few days ago. Sometimes, while trying to figure out what to wear, I drew a picture in my head of how I’d like it to look like, often I even came up with a brand new item I’ve never seen before in my life. A few days ago, I was projecting my entire closet in my head trying to find a perfect match to wear for university the next day. Do you remember those cartoons where ladies had virtual closets they could choose anything they wanted from and it just appeared? It hit me, that it’s exactly what I’m doing. I just never shared it with the world, like fashion designers do. I do have the intellectual potential to do it, I just don’t have the skills to put the idea into practice. But isn’t it the way conceptual art was created? Does it mean I can’t learn how to put the idea of my perfect dress to practice? As long as I have the idea, I can use all the time in the world to find the way to get it together. The idea is a heart of everything remarkable you’ll ever do.

Who needs them virtual reality glasses if you have your mind?

Imagine you’re on the beach, in the forest, on the mountain top, wherever in the world you want to be. Can you picture it with your head? You cannot travel there materially, but you can teleportate intelectually. The pragmatic world we live in taught us to be practical, to only believe the senses, to only appreciate what’s material. While I truly believe, what’s inside my skull and what it projects is the biggest treasure I could ever be given. The virtual reality glasses we’ve been hooked on is nothing a human mind can’t do on its own using imagination. We just pragmatically rather believe in the power of invention… oh, wait… wasn’t an invention an idea projected by imagination at it’s beginning?

What reading feels like

Recall the feeling of being hooked on a novel. Not a guidebook, not a cookbook, not a motivational book, a novel. Do you remember how your mind painted a picture of every scene, every character, every dialogue that was happening on the spot? You didn’t have to step back and think about it, it just naturally happened. As the letters created words, the words created sentences and the sentences created chapters. As the following chapters went through your eyeballs to your brain, a picture was created. How big are the odds that the author of the novel imagined it some other way? Huge. How amazing is, that the same words cause different associations in the minds of people that don’t even know each other? Remarkable.


Human mind is capable of creation to the unlimited range. You are capable of creation to the unlimited range. Now, in this moment, you can project anything you may think of. So, may I ask… “Are you satisifed with my care?”

The projection of MY mind

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