My only struggle with Monday would be that I spend my entire weekend reading until late at night. No matter how hard I try to convince myself that it is absolutely not good to ruin my sleeping routine by it, I just cannot deprive myself from that guilty pleasure of staying up late with a mug of hot cocoa under two layers of blankets, with a book in my hands. Since it gets me to wake up late on Sunday, when I, for a change should sleep early to wake up for the Monday’s Ultimate 8 A.M Lecture, the first day of the week makes it hard for me to keep up the good vibe and to get my creative mind to do some thinking.

Nothing can put me in a more energetic mood than a good playlist full of songs that either make me jam the hell out of my body or feel on top of the world. I am convinced I share the “do not oversleep” Monday struggle with some you, therefore here I am with a #1 medicine for it that will make you feel like the sunshine and roses of humanity – 10 songs, 37 minutes. Increase the volume, sing along and most importantly – DO NOT be embarassed to show off some sweet dance moves out there in “dem streets”.


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