About being a superhero

If I were to name a film that makes me want to become a better person and make the best out of my intellectual potential, without a doubt, I would say it's Big Hero 6. Yes, I do mean the animated movie in which a group of friends together with a robot called Baymax save…Read more About being a superhero

About creativity

Creativity, a.k.a your favourite abstract thing ever to put in your resume. Your favourite quality to point out when you’re asked what’s the particular profession about. Your favourite remark on an artist’s character. Your favourite thing to point out when speaking of someone’s writing style. But have you ever tried to widen this outlook a…Read more About creativity

A word about home schooling – what has school given me

This post is not going to be funny, it’s going to be darn serious. I must admit, even though I’m a full-time optimist, the inspiration for this one came from a negative feeling I got, but I will do my best to transform it into something positive. That’s why the main point of this article…Read more A word about home schooling – what has school given me

Why was there only one Alfred Hitchcock?

On Sunday, while chilling out after lunch over a nice cup of coffee, with my family, we watched a romantic comedy called “Holiday”. I must admit, the film, among other of its genre I have watched not so long ago, had a unique sense of humour and a great character creation. One of my favourite…Read more Why was there only one Alfred Hitchcock?

About being good for something

The title of this post, was at first: "About being worthless", but I changed it, for a few particular reasons, that I will elaborate on in the following paragraphs of the article. The inspiration for writing this, comes from the attitude of many people I have a chance to interact with lately in the context…Read more About being good for something