Korean MVs that set my aesthetic sense on fire

It's been two years now since I started to become really fascinated with the Korean music industry. Although the music started sinking into our culture ever since PSY dropped his famous "Gangnam Style" followed by "Gentleman" and his duet with Snoop Dogg. I must admit that "Gangnam Style" never caught my eye that much, probably…Read more Korean MVs that set my aesthetic sense on fire

Music Videos Favorites #1

It's been a few good decades since we just 'listened' to the music, focused on the sounds. Now, we pay attention to many other aspects, like the band/performer's looks, cover art, the song's music video. Now, a question, dedicated to the new generation. Have you ever wondered how it all started? The whole music video…Read more Music Videos Favorites #1

This week’s favourite songs 1/04/2013

I love listening to music, discovering new artists. I listen to so many new songs every week that I decided to show you my favourites. I'll try to put new music here every Sunday. Stay tuned! Meanwhile, get some good music from me. Title: Brand New Me Artist: Alicia Keys Album: Girl On Fire Description:…Read more This week’s favourite songs 1/04/2013