About creativity

Creativity, a.k.a your favourite abstract thing ever to put in your resume. Your favourite quality to point out when you’re asked what’s the particular profession about. Your favourite remark on an artist’s character. Your favourite thing to point out when speaking of someone’s writing style. But have you ever tried to widen this outlook a…Read more About creativity

About me, Alex and aurea mediocritas

The draft of this post has been saved a few days ago already, but I didn’t finish it, something was missing. Today, one sentence said by a person very important to me changed it all, so I decided to re-write it and add some paragraphs, since the problem I’ve been thinking about seems to reach…Read more About me, Alex and aurea mediocritas

About being good for something

The title of this post, was at first: "About being worthless", but I changed it, for a few particular reasons, that I will elaborate on in the following paragraphs of the article. The inspiration for writing this, comes from the attitude of many people I have a chance to interact with lately in the context…Read more About being good for something

Pretty hurts, smart hurts. What does not?

Since the Lemonade visual album has come out, I am very much hooked on Beyoncé’s songs, music videos et cetera. Before some people decide to tell me how mainstream I am, and also to auto-promote may I link you this post: Thoughts #5 in which I wrote about having many personality characteristics and getting into…Read more Pretty hurts, smart hurts. What does not?

28 hours

My day doesn’t have 28 hours We all know these fairytales, these speculations, questions about what would we request if someone said we have one thing to ask for. Although it definitely depends on how old we are, or in which state our consciousness is, or also what our life situation looks like – we…Read more 28 hours

Things I learnt that made me change my life

Some people (including myself) find it very difficult to admit to themselves and others what they did or do wrong. We often don't talk about our own disadvantages until someone finds out about them and throws it right into our faces, which often results in us getting offended or angry with this person. It's easier…Read more Things I learnt that made me change my life