Random thought: It’s the 31st of March 2016 when I dug out this post from my drafts. I’ve made it a lot longer and a bit more complex, therefore I got this thought – don’t we always learn? It’s been only a few months since I’ve started analyzing the subject of “the bad mood” phenomenon and there’s undescribably more I have to say right now. A human mind – great, powerful and foremost – constantly improving.


because I’ve always wanted a fancy preface

A few months ago, when I actually decided to start working on a post about the bad mood, I made an attempt to share the idea with my closest friends. All of them disliked my conception, and claimed I am completely wrong. Although, from a clearly human point of view, by which I mean – emotional, a person who says she has found a few flaws in the “bad mood excuse” or even calls a bad mood an excuse – is being pretentious and un-empathetic. Considering that, I understood my friends completely, and even better – it enriched my own thoughts and allowed me to re-analyze the subject, trying to get my mind to immitate my friends’.

Keeping this in mind, I may say that my article shows two absolutely different, in the best way possible, points of view: a philosopher’s point of view and an emotional point of view. Meaning this, you, fellow reader should continue your lecture, for you shall be educated, inspired, and enriched. Enjoy. 

We all have it sometimes, don’t we. That moment when we’ve just opened our eyes, and suddenly everything starts to bother us. From a fly touching our cheek slightly as it moves through the room, through a weird kind of pain in the knuckle of our left hand, straight to the people we think we’re going to meet, or interact with in any way. Before we manage to wake up completely, we already start to hate this fly’s guts, people’s guts, life’s guts etc. Our heart (metaphorically) has lost he ‘r’ and repartiated the ‘e’ , which made it transform into “hate”. The thought of getting out of bed suddenly gets us tired and we just want today to be cancelled. As soon as we get the chance to look into the mirror, we dislike everything about the way we look – the tired eyes, the shadows around them. Suddenly, to the whole, (long) list of things of which guts we hate, we add ourselves. Oh, oh, here it is again – the bad mood.

Some of you might say – yes, this is the perfect representation of bad mood, that’s it, Carol, you got it. But me, as a part-time scientist and full-time philosopher, seeks more. I’m going to define the bad mood for you. I’m going to close it in the methaphysical cage. Closing in the cage, doesn’t make the gulity disappear, but it makes him at least a bit less scary.

What is there to define? You’re upset and that’s it.

Not true. Bad mood isn’t only a feeling of being upset, or acting upset to others. Bad mood, to me, consists of many different factors that vary depending on what’s going on in our life in the particular moment. Not only it consists of many factors but as well many factors cause it to happen. It’s more than wrong to say, that bad mood comes for no reason. Everything has a reason, you just have to look very carefully to discover it.

As always, we can analyze the problem viewing two ascpects: the physical and the metaphysical. Physical symptoms and reasons of feeling blue are those concerning and affecting our body, and those that are directly seen or felt. Metaphysical, for a change, are those hidden on the level below this. Those are the things that happen in our heads: the anxious thoughts, overthinking, but also the way we react to casual or not-so-casual situations going on in our daily life.

Everything hurts and I’m dying

That’s the accurate description of the physical aspect of the bad mood that I’ve bumped into a few times while being online for way too long. (Schopenhauer-o-Nietzsche-ish isn’t it?). Of course, as most of you are probably mentally stable while reading this, it might seem like a hyperbole. But it’s not. When the bad-mood-day comes, our body basically hurts. Suddenly we’re full of small sicknesses that attack practically every part of us. We feel dizzy, nauseous, our head aches whenever we even DARE to think for longer that 5 seconds, our arms and legs hurt as we move them. I’ve been there and have done that, I barely got out of bed and I already felt like it’s 11pm and I’ve just finished my daily routine  of harvesting a forest in the depth of Syberia. That is what I call the physical perception of the bad mood. 

In fact, it’s all in our head – the pain. Something caused our brain to switch from the casual, neutral state to the state of “temporary depression”. It starts with a slight punch of stress, goes through a feeling of social rejection and ends up being a state that overwhelmes us. The voice inside your head starts telling you the world is bad and it continues to talk until you feel it in every one of your 206 bones. That brings us to the conclusion, that the physical perception… is actually connected with the psychological, which is connected with the metaphysical. And don’t you dare to tell me that human being is not a genius creation.

Blame the brain. The brain is in control of it all. It can’t ache directly, so it makes us feel pain in our body. Brain is a sneaky little bastard. So, may I calm you: everything hurts, but it’s all in your head. You’re feeling like you’re dying but, you see – feeling so many things at the same time makes you more alive than you’ve ever been.

We don’t only perceive bad mood with our body, but our body can cause it as well. We might be on our way to catch a cold, have a moment of physical weakness or our body might be overworked – those are the physical factors that might cause our life tragedy which is the bad mood.

Weltschmerz – the existential pain

When the bad mood strikes, I feel like a character from the J.W.Goethe’s book or any book written in the romanticistic period of literature, taking under consideration the books that take up the subject of human existence. Suddenly I feel abandoned. Alone in this world. Nobody cares about me. Nobody’s worth my attention. I want to organize a great escape. I want to marry my bed as it’s the only one to understand me. Come on, we’ve all been there.

The feeling that often finishes up with thoughts of absurd of our whole existence is a good summary of the metaphysical aspect of feeling blue. Our mind is already weakened by emotions growing inside of us, and loses the ability to think clearly. This unability to think clearly is what gets our thoughts to become hyperbolic and very extreme-friendly.  We get hit by thought-streams arriving out of the blue, making us fall deeper into the “temporary depression”. Again – it’s all in our heads.

Our mind has one important feature that can save any situation – consciousness. We are conscious of who we are, what we feel, where we’re at. This consciousness has got the ability to help us reduce the metaphysical symptoms of bad mood. As long as one knows and remembers, that practically each and every one of the depressing thoughts we get are hyperboles created inside our brains that are weakened by evil emotions – we stand a chance fighting them or even getting them to leave. Of course, you must be conscious you’re powerful enough to do that. Believe me – you are.

Metaphysical reasons of bad mood appearing at any time are, for example: stress – the one that we can’t actually feel at particular moments, but is there and it leaves its trace in our heads; sentiments – one particular memory puts us in the state of temporary depression; overworking – our brain also has its limits, when it’s tired, it gets crazy; and so on.

What’s good?

This is the question I want you to ask to your bad mood. I want you to think of how powerful you are having the greatest gift, which is – consciousness. I want you to be in charge of your own thoughts. I want you to control yourself, not let “yourself” control you. I want you to recall this post anytime you feel blue and say: “Hey, temporary depression, what’s good?!”. Scream it. Scream it out loud.

You have more friends than you know

Reaching out to people when you’re in a bad mood is not wrong and humiliating. Recently, I’ve been re-reading Regina Brett’s feullietons a couple of times every day, and she, Regina, showed me a few things that will accompany me forever. She told me to make a list of people I could call when I’m not feeling well and I’m sure they’d help me. I did it. If you ever feel lonely – do it too. It really helps you realize how many people are here for you when you need them. With ice-cream and cliche films, and shoulder to cry on, if that’s what you need.

To all my friends reading it: Thank you. 

Fellow Reader, this is the end

But only for today. As you know – I always think, and when I think, work comes out. This is why I would like to invite you to follow my blog and keep up with the inner workings of my mind as well as share your own: in the comments, e-mails, on Twitter, Facebook, wherever you prefer. Sapere aude!

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